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Battcocks in the UK: Storrington


The earliest record of any Battcocks in the UK is from Storington in Sussex. 


Richard Battcock born 1645


Stephen Battcock born in 1648


Daniel Battcock born in 1651


John Battcock born in 1652


Mary Battcock born in 1654


Alice Battcock born in 1662


Jane Battcock born in 1665


Francis Battcock born in 1670


Susan Battcock born in 1675


Joan Battcock born in 1680


Thomas Battcock born in 1684


Henry Battcock was born 1680?.  He married… and had children:


  • Richard Battcock was born in 1702


Richard Battcock was born 1680? and married Elizabeth.  They had:


  • Richard Battcock born in 1707
  • Margaret Battcock born in 1710


John Battcock was born 1713.  He married Ann Smallpiece in 1731 and built church tower of St Mary’s Storington in 1754


Charles Battcock was born 1720-1745.  He had:


  • Richard Battcock was born in 1765


Thomas Battcock was born 1720-1745.  He had:


  • Sarah Battcock born in 1765.  She married John Fry


William Battcock was born 1730-1750.  He married Elizabeth.  They had


  • William Battcock born in 1771 (see below)


William Battcock was born 1771. He built the post office in Storington in 1812.  William married Emma.  They had one child


  • John Battcock born in 1796(1?)


John Battcock born in 1791 (6?) in Storington and died nearby in Thakeham in 1867.  He married Susannah (1787-1869).  They had four children:


  • Jane born in 1822 and married Albert Harris
  • Sarah (1824-1893)
  • Mary Ann born in 1826 and married James Cook in 1812
  • Ellen born in 1830


James Battcock was born 1776.  He married Mary(Martha?). They had:


  •  (Elizabeth Martha Battcock born in 1806?)
  • Sarah Battcock born in 1812 ?
  • William Stephen Battcock born in 1821
  • Thomas Battcock born in 1826
  • Henry
  • Maria
  • Charles born in 1836
  • Betse


By the middle of the 20th century there were no Battcocks left around Storington.  They probably moved to London as there were a number of Battcocks in London from the 18th century onwards.  




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Battcocks in London

First generation in London (1750-1799)
Thomas Battcock moved to London sometime towards the end of the 18th Century.  He was born in 1750 and died in 1799 in Kensington, London.  He married Margaret.  They had three children. 
Second generation in London (1780-1850)

Thomas William Battcock born in 1781 in Kensington and died in 1847 in Ashford, Middlesex.  He was a corn merchant.  Thomas Battcock was my great great grandfather. His wife was Elizabeth Rubergall (1781-1838).  Elizabeth’s brother was optician to the queen and his optical equipment is still sold in auction.
William Robert Battcock was born in 1783 in Kensington and died in 1868 in Chelsea.  He was a cricketer.
George Battcock born in 1788.
Third generation (1810-1900)
Thomas and Elizabeth had five children.
Thomas Smith Battcock born in 1813 in Chelsea, london and died in 1847 in Chelsea, london.  He was a coal and corn merchant.  He married Catherine (Kate) Walker Taylor (1819-1903). 
George Battcock was born in 1815 in Chelsea, London and died in 1891 in Maidenhead.  He was a wine and spirit merchant.  He married Jane King (1815-).
Frederick Battcock born in 1817 in Chelsea and died in 1865.  He was a coal merchant.  He married Fanny Drouet (1822-1903) .
Henry Battcock was born in 1820 in Chelsea London.  He married to Jeanette Gertrude Spence.  He moved to Argentina

Frank Battcock was born in 1823 in Chelsea and died in Hemingford Abbots in 1896.  He was a farmer.  He married Ann Sharp (1823-1913).
Fourth generation
George Battcock and Jane King had three children

George Arthur Battcock  who was born in 1840 and died in 1907 leaving £43,000 on his death.  He had a son (Genville Arthur) who became a successful lawyer.  Grenville Arthur had three children and two grandchildren. 

Charles Frederick Battcock who was born in 1841 and died in 1925 also leaving a lot of money on his death.  He had one son (Cyril Charles) who married Muriel Dingwall Williams.  Cyril amd Muriel had 7 children. 
 William Frederick Battcock was born November 28 in 1850 at 35 Wellington Street in London. 

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