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Battcocks in Newfoundland


John Battcock left the UK for Newfoundland towards the end of the 18th century

There  weare probably three different John Battcocks over three generations.    


William Battcock


All Battcocks traced in Newfoundland today descend from him. William was the son of John and Mary. He probably married about 1820 to a woman named Eleanor. Her maiden name has not yet been recovered. Over the next twenty or so years came


·        John (c.1822),

·        Thomas (c.1824),

·        Eleanor (c.1828),

·        Peter (c.1831),

·        Mary (date unknown) and

·        Michael (c.1840).


All seem to have been born at Brigus South. Thomas married about 1850 to a woman named Esther.  Thomas became a member of the House of Assembly.

Eleanor never married and passed away on February 28, 1855. She was twenty-seven years old.

Peter appears to have never married as well. Mary was wedded to John Higgins and Michael to Sarah Pendergast. 




John was married about 1852 to a girl from nearby Cape Broyle named Mary Cashin, the daughter of John Cashin and Mary Walsh. She was also the aunt of Sir Michael Cashin who would be a Prime Minister of Newfoundland early in the 19th century.  John and Mary had six children:


·        John J Battcock became a sailmaker;

·        Martin Battcock became a fisherman;

·        Peter Battcock

·        Ellen Mary Battcock

·        William Joseph Battcock, blacksmith

·        Mary Joseph Battcock

·        Mary Battcock



Martin Battcock married Margaret Fitzgerald.  They had 7 children:


·        Thomas J Battcock born in 1885

·        Mary Ellen Battcock

·        Catherine Battcock

·        Estella Battcock

·        Ester Maude mary Battcock

·        Helena Regina Battcock

·        Chrisabell Battcock


William Battcock was born in 1865.  He married Catherine (1868-).  They had 7 children:


·        Peter Louis Battcock

·        Thomas clement Battcock

·        Mary J Battcock

·        Anne J Battcock

·        John Battcock born in 1899.

·        Johanna J Battcock

·        James J Battcock


Thomas J Battcock (see above) was born in 1885.  He married Mary (1888-).  They had:


·        Norman Battcock born in 1913

·        Martin

·        Gladis

·        Alice

·        Mary

·        Christabell

·        Aubrey Battcock born in 1916


John Battcock was born in 1897. He married Margaret (1898-).  They had:


·        Carmel Battcock

·        John Battcock

·        Adrian Battcock

·        Sheila Battcock


Stephen Battcock was born in 1889.  He married Jenny (1888-).  They had


·        Eleanor Battcock born in 1918

·        Mary Battcock born in 1919

·        George Battcock born in 1921


Gregory J Battcock was born in 1890.  He married Margaret M (1897-).  They had:


·        William Battcock born 1922

·        John Battcock born in 1923

·        Mary Battcock born in 1925



John J. Battcock, the son of John Battcock and Mary Cashin, was sent out to the

Bay of Islands in western Newfoundland as one of the first constables of this newly established district. He would have served under Inspector Isaac Bartlett.


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