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Battcocks in Argentina

The Argentinian Battcocks


Henry Battcock (see Battcocks in London) was born in London.  He married Jeannette Gertrude Spence.  He started work as a grocer at 14 Marylebone Street, Regent Street, London.  In 1848 he became a “landed proprietor” of Cold Harbour in Croydon. 


They had five children in England:

Fanny Gertrude Battcock was born in 1848 in London.

Thomas James Battcock was born in 1850

Jeannette Elizabeth Battcock was born in 1852 in London

Henry Wellesley Battcock was born in 1855.

Frederick Walter Battcock was born in 1860 in Southampton.

Frank Harper Battcock born in 1863 in Argentina

In 1863 they moved to Southampton and then to Rosario, Argentina.  In 1863, the government of Argentina granted the company, led by engineer William Wheelwright, a concession to build and exploit a railway line between the cities of Rosario (a major port in southern Santa Fe, on the Parana River) and Cordoba (a large city near the geographical center of Argentina, and the capital of the province of the same name).


The construction works started in April 1863 with the establishment of the station in Rosario. The line, a 5 foot 6 inch broad gauge railway, reached Córdoba in 1870, covering a total of 396 km. It was the longest in Argentina at the time, and the first to join two provinces.


Second generation in Argentina

Henry Wellesley Battcock married Louisa and they had five children

  • Alberto Francisco Battcock born in 1898
  • Victoria Gertrude Battcock born in 1898
  • Thomas William Battcock born in 1900
  • Henry Juan Battcock born in 1902
  • Rose Clara Battcock born in..

Frederick Walter Battcock married … and had three children

  • Janet gertrude Battock born in 1891
  • Miguel Battcock
  • Federico Battcock born in 1899

Frank Harper Battcock married Amalia Castelli and had one child Amalia Beatrice in 1900


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