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Batcocks in Glamorgan

Batcocks in Glamorgan

The earliest reference in Glamorgan is of a “Batcocke” from 1493 at Llangennith. There was an Agnes Batcocke living in Llandyfodwg, Glamorgan in 1561, a Nicolas Battcock in Porteynon in 1607 and a Hugh Batcock in Swansea in 1614.

Many of the Batcocks in Glamorgan were involved in the manufacture of guns.  John Batcock born in 1800, Joseph Batcock born in 1823, William born in 1835, David Batcock born in 1837 and Joseph William born in 1849 were all gunmakers.  Joseph worked at Nordenfeld and Vickers and worked on the Vickers machine gun that was calibrated so that it could shoot through the propellers of a plane.  Batcocks in Glamorgan claim Joseph designed the aircraft gun that brought down the first Zeppelin in WW1 on 3rd September 1916.  For his exploits, the pilot William Leefe Robinson received a Victoria Cross.  

Charles Edward Batcock from Glamorgan born in 1899, joined the RAF and worked as a fitter.  He migrated to the US before the outbreak of WW2 and worked in Detroit for Ford.  He designed the steering column gear shift but as war broke out, he put a patent on it.  After the war, he returned to the UK. He continued to pay for the patent throughout the war years.  The one year he forget to renew the patent was the year Ford Motor Company developed their new gear system.

 There is a strong likelihood that the first Battcock in Newfoundland, Canada was related to the Batcocks from Glamorgan as there were very close links between Newfoundland and the west Coast ports around Devon. The Battcocks in Newfoundland lived in and around Brigus South which was dependant on the trade in cod.  Two Battcocks represented their communities in the Canadian Parliament and a Battcock became a leading catholic clergyman.


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  1. The origin of the Battcocks in Newfoundland is a mystery and this is the first time I have hear Glamorgan as a possible source area. There are some International Genealogical Register entries for Bat(t)cock in Devon (e.g. baptism of Anne in 1757 Woolfardisworthy Near Bideford). It would be nice to pursue a possible Glamorgan connection though. Newfoundland records give no hint as to their origin in England but they appear in Brigus South as early as 1770.

    Comment by John Paul Bradford | September 28, 2010 | Reply

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